This is definitely a difficult situation to be in. A lot of guys will probably try to act all macho and strong, but the truth is it hurts. If it didn’t hurt you wouldn’t be here, right? So you want to continue your relationship with your girl and I want to help you on your way to win back her heart.

To save marriage from divorce you need to know the right first move and you also need to learn what you shouldn’t do when you get the news of the breakup. It may sound crazy at first but if you take the time to listen I’m sure you will be saying “thank you for saving my relationship.” So let’s get started.

First of all what you shouldn’t do, hopefully you haven’t already but if you have it is still alright, don’t keep nagging her to tell you why she wants a divorce. Don’t send millions of texts or emails to her; this will just push her further away. You need to fight all your natural instincts to try and force her to love you again.

As you may know there are tons of relationship sites and articles that pretty much say the same thing, cut of all contact with her and improve on yourself for around thirty days or so. To me this seems a bit crazy; I don’t think they realize the seriousness of divorce. Your thinking, why is my wife divorcing me and there just sitting back and saying to wait a while, which may do some good but by that time who knows what’s going to happen.

Now have you ever heard of the saying, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone, or people want what they can’t have? It’s true, so what you need to do is agree with the breakup. If you have already been begging her to stay and take you back then she might even be quite surprised if she thinks you want to breakup too and have a sudden change of heart.

But if doesn’t work you will absolutely be on the right track to win back wife and you can stop asking yourself why is my wife divorcing me.

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Wishing you the best. Good Luck!